Orges Shehi’s is the 40 year old goalkeeper of KF Skënderbeu Korçë who could break Amedeo Carboni’s record for being the oldest player to win the European League. I am glad to have had the chance to record his story.

Super League Triathlon is a new triathlon format that makes the sport even more enjoyable and exciting. I had the chance to work along these great athletes for a week in Jersey where we made this opener for one of the main events.

A few moments from our latest jobs. We chose these to show you what we can do. Enjoy!

A very hard, whole day shoot full of challenges and space for creativity. Steadiimage filmed this 5 minute action packed video to promote the upcoming bike event in Wales called Double Devil, the route takes on the Devil’s Staircase and Devil’s Elbow.

The challenge in the shoot was to find the right kit and angles to show the beauty and toughness of this event, while fighting with the horrible weather on the day.

The kit used for this shoot was the reputable Sony F5 camera with Canon Cine prime lenses and the DJI Ronin with the amazing Sony A7s mk2 mirrorless camera.

Steadiimage had the chance to work with the famous "Two Cellos", the Croatian duo who play classical instrumental arrangements of well-known pop and rock songs, to create the opener sequence for the 2015 Championes League Final shown on ITV. It was one of the most intense shoots, as the only way to recreate the atmosphere in the studio was to smack the camera around at the same speed as they played the music. The results speak for themselfs.

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