Working in partnership with Capital Crewing we have access to a vast amount of kit allowing us to accomplish most of your ideas. If we don't have the right kit, we can always hire in from several kit hire companies. Feel free to get in touch with any ideas/projects you have and together we can work out a way to make them come true.

The Sony F5 camera, ever since it was released, is the go to camera for beautiful HD and 4K images. It's super 35mm sensor is capable of delivering breathtaking cinematic images and can do 180fps slow motion capturing as well. Its ergonomics make it a good choice for all type of work.

Sony A7s mk2, the 5D of present days. Dou you remember when everybody wanted to shoot on the 5D? Well not anymore, the Sony A7s is the new kid on the block. With a full frame sensor this mirrorless camera is the best choice for a small bodied camera. It will never let you down.

The DJI Inspire 1 PRO equipped with the Zenmuse X5 micro 4/3 camera is capable of delivering that lovely shallow depth of field we all look for. Compatible with several lenses including 45mm making it stand out from your usual super wide aerial footage.

DJI Ronin, the best alternative to a Steadicam and sometimes even better as it can get in to much tighter places. We used it on the Bianchi bike event promo shoot, following the riders. Check it out in the Gallery.

Fly through the clouds, land on the roof, down the stairs, into the car, jump out at the lights...and all this in one shot. How? By combining the DJI Osmo with the rest of the DJI products we can achieve magic. The Osmo can take the Zenmuse X5 camera to capture beautiful pictures.

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