Steadiimage is a video production company started by two professional cameramen with seventeen years of experience between them. The fact that they are good friends as well allows for a relaxed but professional approach to any project you might have in mind. Steadiimage is happy to offer you a full range of video production services.
the TEAM
Ferencz Torok

"Using light to create something beautifull is not always the easiest, but as long as you enjoy doing it all is good!"

As a true tech junkie Ferencz is always informed about the newest gear, so choosing the right kit for the job is a given. His out of the box thinking makes his work unique and clients happy.

Csaba Bajcsi

"Hang in there", "Don't give up", "Keep going" are some of those phrases Csaba had enough hearing. All this while he was changing his mind the 4th time about what he wanted to do with his life.

But then, in 2009 he got a job as  an untrained cameraman and he fell in love, in love with his job that is. He never looked back or thought about doing anything else.

This makes it easy for him to have a positive attitude to every project however hard it would be. His strenghts are creativity and a "can do" attitude which get you the end results you are looking for.

Csaba has a curent IVisa for projects in the USA.

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